Day 1 of Work Experience

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Hi, I’m Brandon and this is my blog about my one week Work Experience at Exact Logistics, I put in the hands of the warehouse team and the guys in the office.

Day 1.

The day began at 6:30am. I didn’t get a good night sleep. I did my normal routine in the morning; I arrived at the office at 9:00 and began my day…at first I was so nervous I thought about bailing out and running home! But I got over my nerves and walked into the office confident and proud to be representing my school and Exact Logistics.  I began with a Risk Assessment meeting to make sure I knew where everything is and where to go if I needed help. Shortly after I was introduced to the team, who were happy to have me on board. Knowing what I’d be doing and who the people were around me instantly made me feel more relaxed and apart of the ‘Family’ at Exact Logistics.

I started out by getting to know the team by knowing how they take their tea. This allowed me to build a relationship with them and get to know the team. I read through the Health and Safety regulations. I then was told to search to website for any imperfections that needed fixing, then to search through the companies social media formats to also check for imperfections that needed changing or fixing.  I was then introduced to the warehouse and what was in it, I was told to measure up the packages that came through. This was easy enough for me, hoping that throughout the week I’ll be more challenged.


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