Day 5 of Work Experience

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Day 5.

This morning when I came into the office, to be honest with you I was a little sad that I’ll be leaving Exact Logistics that day, but I brought in cakes that everyone enjoyed! I logged on and spent the day finishing off any little jobs that I didn’t do in the week. I’m pleased to say that I finally finished inputting the data into the computer…I finished filling in my Work Experience Book. And that was it…I said my Goodbyes and left proud and happy!

I can honestly say that working at Exact Logistics has been one of the most greatest experiences of my life, I’ve learnt so much about running a business, ICT, Marketing but most of all I’ve a lot about teamwork and I’d like to personally thank…Karen, Adam, Nathan, Sue, Pam, Tracie, Fred, Paul, Mandy, Kieran and Nauris for making me feel like one of their own and I’d be more than happy to come back again.  Thank You.


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