Day 5 of Work Experience

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Day 5.

This morning when I came into the office, to be honest with you I was a little sad that I’ll be leaving Exact Logistics that day, but I brought in cakes that everyone enjoyed! I logged on and spent the day finishing off any little jobs that I didn’t do in the week. I’m pleased to say that I finally finished inputting the data into the computer…I finished filling in my Work Experience Book. And that was it…I said my Goodbyes and left proud and happy!

I can honestly say that working at Exact Logistics has been one of the most greatest experiences of my life, I’ve learnt so much about running a business, ICT, Marketing but most of all I’ve a lot about teamwork and I’d like to personally thank…Karen, Adam, Nathan, Sue, Pam, Tracie, Fred, Paul, Mandy, Kieran and Nauris for making me feel like one of their own and I’d be more than happy to come back again.  Thank You.


Day 4 of Work Experience

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Day 4.

As the end was becoming more of a reality, I spent the morning looking back at the week, thinking about what I’ve done successfully and what I have learnt, also what I could improve on. But the week hadn’t ended so it was back to work! My first job was to publish my first three days of my blog onto the Exact Logistics website. Once I finished that I started on some little office jobs such as laminating some documents for Adam, making tea and coffee, I spent the rest of the day in the warehouse doing a range of jobs, cleaning up the warehouse, wrapping the packages and measuring the pallets, I surely say that today I’ve built up a sweat.



Day 3 of Work Experience

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Day 3.

Because yesterday was such a busy day, I had a tonne of work left over so in the morning I immediately began it so I can move onto my next project. The next project allowed me to use my imagination; I was told to create a small advert for a magazine promoting a separate company. I learnt the skills a great marketing director would have and was able to make huge progress. After this I went into the warehouse and did some more manual work, to be exact I wrapped some parcels for companies to keep them safe. Whilst doing that I was called into the office and was invited to join the meeting about Exact Logistics new uniform, I found this very interesting because I learnt how a business runs and the mechanics on how to do a successful meeting with suppliers.


Day 2 of Work Experience

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Day 2.

Today started out a lot more relaxed, mainly because I wasn’t nervous, I knew the team and everything around me. I got into the office and began my day with a classic cuppa. My first job was to was to do some manual labour in the warehouse by lifting some scaffolding and wrapping them safe for lifting on the truck. After that I returned to the quiet space of the office, by which I mean constant phones going off and the sound of typing. I watch over the boss to have an insight into what she does at Exact Logistics. I then sat down at my desk and started inputting some data into the computer whilst eating my lunch. I spent the rest of the day back and forth into the office and warehouse helping the guys out and finishing my job on the computer.



Day 1 of Work Experience

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Hi, I’m Brandon and this is my blog about my one week Work Experience at Exact Logistics, I put in the hands of the warehouse team and the guys in the office.

Day 1.

The day began at 6:30am. I didn’t get a good night sleep. I did my normal routine in the morning; I arrived at the office at 9:00 and began my day…at first I was so nervous I thought about bailing out and running home! But I got over my nerves and walked into the office confident and proud to be representing my school and Exact Logistics.  I began with a Risk Assessment meeting to make sure I knew where everything is and where to go if I needed help. Shortly after I was introduced to the team, who were happy to have me on board. Knowing what I’d be doing and who the people were around me instantly made me feel more relaxed and apart of the ‘Family’ at Exact Logistics.

I started out by getting to know the team by knowing how they take their tea. This allowed me to build a relationship with them and get to know the team. I read through the Health and Safety regulations. I then was told to search to website for any imperfections that needed fixing, then to search through the companies social media formats to also check for imperfections that needed changing or fixing.  I was then introduced to the warehouse and what was in it, I was told to measure up the packages that came through. This was easy enough for me, hoping that throughout the week I’ll be more challenged.


Exporters – Just do it!

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As I sit here this Bank Holiday morning busy dealing with our export customers who do not have a day off today I thought I would take five minutes to reflect on the outcome of UKTI’s export week. Having attended a couple of different events during the week three points seem to emerge.

The first is that we seem to be putting a lot of strategy and theorising in place for companies wishing to start exporting. I wonder how many companies started exporting in the same way that we did with a lead customer dragging us in to the export arena and having to solve the issues raised one by one as they occurred. It seems to me that possibly one of the best ways to start exporting is to make a sale to a foreign company and get on and fulfil that order. I am sure all the banks, lawyers and accountants will be holding their hands up in despair but I really feel that it is better to taste the success and profits rather than sit and have a great strategy.

Secondly we should de-mystify exporting. Listening to some of the comments about export guarantees, Incoterms and letters of credit I wondered if I was in the wrong room. Our export philosophy is simple we provide a service for our export customer, send an invoice and they pay directly in to our bank account within the agreed credit terms. We do not spend hours discussing Incoterms, letters of credit or any of these complicated export terms.

Finally I understand that there are some complex markets but we are part of the EU with all those companies and people waiting to buy our UK goods and services. Trading within the EU has been made so simple that anybody can do it without realising that they have joined the great export scene. So if you want to start exporting select an easy market which will normally be within the EU, and just do it.


Open Bank Holiday Monday

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Our warehouse will be open from 08.00 to 16.00 on Monday 25 May to receive incoming freight. This is to improve our service to our international customers who have vehicles in UK over the holiday period.


European holidays

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European holidays coming up

Many of our European neighbours have public holidays in May & June. Please bear in mind that deliveries to other countries may be delayed too as trucks are not allowed on the roads.

Thursday 14th May – Ascension Day: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands (Could result in a bridging day with some companies closed on the Friday)

Monday 25th May – Whit: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, UK, Luxemburg, Netherlands.

Thursday 4th June – Switzerland and Austria (Could result in a bridging day with some companies closed on the Friday)

Friday 5th June – Denmark


More service options

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We have introduced  more service options to meet even your most demanding customers’ expectations. Please download our service profile here Service profile for deliveries np or call us for more info on 01788 422400.


Book deliveries and track your freight here


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