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Having spent the last three weeks winning new export customers in Germany I have had some time to reflect on the great EU referendum debate and I offer some thoughts based on 30 years of doing business in Europe.

What an opportunity for our children.

As I travelled from Germany to France and back again it struck me that it was a real privilege to be able to travel freely throughout countries, carry out my business and have the opportunity to immerse myself in the local culture. And I had the opportunity to practise my ability to massacre the German language. But what is important is that we appreciate this privilege and don’t deny it to our children or young people.

The Europeans need our business more than we need theirs.

We need our German customers as we have built our business on providing them with a first class “final mile” distribution service. EU rules and regulations allow us to carry out our business in Germany without any hindrance or restrictions. The result is that we have a vibrant business and our employees can share in the benefits as we are proud to pay them above the living wage.

More choice not less.

The development of borderless trading has given us all access to a wide range of goods manufactured throughout the EU at reasonable prices. We take the choice of these goods for granted.

A pool of talented labour.

Access to the EU gives us a huge pool of talented people to work in our business. The counter balance to this is we accept regulations that control the workplace to make it better for everyone. I think this is a fair trade.


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