Exact Logistics

When you have invested in creating and marketing your product, make sure the final link in your supply chain is as good as you are.

Contact us to find out how we can help you win and retain customers

Track & Trace

Access your consignment status online and track your consignment.


Online ordering

Our online booking system is the quick and efficient way to place orders with us.



A fresh approach to delivering your goods

You talk to the Directors, not to a call centre – Our flat management structure means no convoluted decision making processes. We can respond quickly to your requests.

Award winning IT systems give supply chain transparency –  from collection through to final delivery you can monitor the progress of your pallet online. You can book collections, enter delivery details, print labels and manifests, track your pallet and even view a photo of it as it enters our central hub.  With online invoicing and same day POD’s you have complete control and peace of mind at every stage.

We’re a transport company without vehicles – we can concentrate on meeting our customers’ needs not filling our fleet

We published our tariff – this transparent approach saves our customers time phoning for quotes

We’ve replaced time-consuming manual processes with the latest IT systems – meaning we can run a low cost operation and provide you with immediate access to ordering and tracking information on your delivery

We like to talk– we recognise it’s as important to retain existing customers as to win new ones so don’t be surprised when we get in touch.

We communicate, we deliver, we care

It’s our affiliation with Europe’s leading palletised network, our advanced web-based ordering and tracking system and our dedication to adding value to your business that means we don’t just deliver the goods, we deliver on our promises – on time, every time. Average isn’t in our vocabulary.

We’d love to work with you. Drop us a line to find out how Exact Logistics can help your company to deliver.




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