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Why Should A Transport Company Put On Childrens Shoes?

April 28, 2020

We are now in our fifth week of lockdown. Like so many businesses we have had to completely rethink the way we operate to keep our team and customers safe.

Communication has always been part of our ethos – it’s not just in our logo, we actually believe in it. And in today’s difficult climate, it’s even more important.

Putting ourselves in our customers' shoes

We manage home deliveries for an e-commerce retailer of garden play equipment. It may not seem like a priority delivery but to a parent in social isolation with small children, or an excited birthday boy or girl eagerly awaiting their present, it’s very important. We make bookings to deliver the play equipment on a certain day and under normal circumstances we do it without fail. But now, sometimes it is just not possible.

Each day we are facing new challenges – fluctuating volumes, staff falling ill or self-isolating. We have tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the parent who is facing a barrage of “when will it be here” questions or a disappointed child. If we can’t deliver, we will tell the customer as early as possible in the day and arrange to deliver on another convenient day. We believe it is better to be honest and set realistic expectations. We are regularly complimented on our customer service for this contract.

Advanced tracking means we head off issues

MyNexus, our advanced tracking system means we can monitor your freight at every stage of its journey and take action to head off any issues. This tracking is also available to our customers giving them real time information and tracking of delivery vehicle on day of delivery. Visit https://www.pallex.co.uk/knowledge-hub/guide-to-tracking-your-pallet/ to see this powerful tool.

E-commerce retailers know that domestic receivers have high service standards and expect the same updates as they get from parcels carriers.  So we can give a tracking ID for consumers to see the progress of their delivery on the planned day. This cuts down calls to customer services and improves online reviews.

We are all working under strange and difficult conditions which are constantly changing.  If you want a transport partner who will work with you to communicate and find solutions then call us on 01788 422400 or email me karen.shuter@exactlogistics.co.uk

Hoping you, your colleagues and family stay safe and well.

Kind regards

Karen Shuter

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