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We book in your shipments

We can pre-book freight via the Pall-Ex network, using the Carrier Central System. This system allows the delivering partner to make a consolidated booking directly with the Amazon Fulfilment centre.

Please note, this is Amazon UK’s preferred method for booking deliveries in to UK Fulfilment Centres.

To make the booking, we require the following information:

  • vendor name;
  • ASN, BOL or FBA Shipment ID;
  • pallet count per shipment;
  • carton count per shipment; and
  • unit count per shipment

It is our responsibility to input the information you provide into our IT system for transfer to the delivery member.

Important information:
The following points are important to help us deliver your Amazon shipments on time.

  • please do not pre-book deliveries to Amazon Fulfilment Centres. The delivering partner will make the booking directly with Amazon, ensuring your goods are delivered at the correct time and without re-delivery charges;
  • under the Carrier Central system, the delivering partner will apply to Amazon for the delivery date and time once they have received the shipment in their depot. This will normally be 1-2 days after the shipment leaves Rugby;
  • once the booking has been made, Amazon will dictate the actual delivery date and time; and
  • when Amazon confirms the booking, we can give you the delivery details. We will charge these shipments as per the Amazon rate card.

Amazon Fulfilment Centres

We can supply an up to date list of Amazon Fulfilment Centres if you require it.

You book in your shipments

We can continue to deliver shipments pre-booked by you or your customer to Amazon UK Fulfilment Centres. However, these shipments will be delivered via a dedicated vehicle and we can give you a price for providing this service.

Non-inventory shipments

We can deliver non-inventory shipments to all Amazon Fulfilment Centres. There is no special time or booking-in process required. We will process non-inventory shipments as normal shipments.

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