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Health and Safety

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Health and Safety

Health & safety

Exact Logistics is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees as well as visitors to the site. Please make sure that your drivers and subcontractors are aware of the arrival procedures.

Arrival in our depot
On arrival at our warehouse drivers must park away from the Exact operating area in a safe location before reporting to the Exact office. Once parked the driver must not move his vehicle until told to do so by a member of the Exact team.

All vehicles on site must obey the site speed limit.

Personal protective equipment should be worn at all times including protective footwear and hi-visibility jacket.

Reporting to Exact
The driver must report to the Exact office immediately where he will be given a copy of the Site Rules. He must sign in and confirm that a copy of the Site Rules has been issued and that he will adhere to them.

Site Rules are available in several languages. If there is any misinterpretation of the rules, the English version is deemed to be correct. Please ask if you would like a copy of the site rules.

Drivers are not allowed in the warehouse for any reason or at any time. Failure to obey this rule will result in the driver being asked to leave the site IMMEDIATELY.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the site except for the designated smoking area.

Unloading procedures

Drivers are responsible for:

  • Opening the curtains of their trailer
  • The safety of their load. If for any reason the driver is not satisfied that the load will remain in place when the curtains are opened, the load restraints or the side planks removed then they must inform Exact Logistics who will then assess the information provided. This may delay the unloading of the trailer.

The fork lift truck driver is responsible for safe working practises whilst loading and unloading vehicles. Any instruction given by the FLT driver must be obeyed. If a driver does not obey instructions from Exact personnel then he may be asked to leave site.

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