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Proof of delivery and tracking

How to track your shipment

Tracking system:
You can track your shipment online at every stage of its delivery cycle as well as download POD’s through our web-based tracking system ExactOn.

You will need a web ID and username in order to log on. Please ask us if you wish to use this method. We will give you full instructions.

Downloading tracking & POD data

We can make some tracking events and hard copy POD visible to you seamlessly through an ftp (file transfer protocol). We will upload tracking and POD information in Fortras format with updates every 15 minutes into a secure location within our server.

Tracking events and hard copy POD’s can be transferred to your IT system automatically so that you can look at your own system to obtain updates rather than looking in a separate web-based system.

Tracking events are as follows:


Information Provided

Received by Exact

Date and time consignment received by Exact

Out for delivery

Date and time consignment loaded on to a delivery vehicle

Clean POD

Name of signatory, date and time of delivery

POD image

PDF copy of the signed delivery note

Your web ID, username and password is shown on your rate card

Go to www.exactlogistics.co.uk and click on the ExactOn logo

Login with your web ID, username, password

Tracking events format

  • All tracking events are given as Fortras Q10 status at shipment level. This is logical as the only status event that could be at a barcode (individual pallet) level is the out for delivery update. However, we believe it is logical to assume that if one pallet from a multi pallet shipment is out for delivery then the whole shipment will be out for delivery.
  • The actual translations are:


Exact transport system


Received by Exact

Stage date collected


Out for delivery

Stage date out for delivery

Q10 117

Clean POD

ePOD received

Q10 300

POD Image

POD image (.tiff or .pdf)

POD image

The benefits to you and your customers are:

  • You can access your tracking information directly from your own IT system.
  • POD images are downloaded as .PDF’s in to your system so you do not need to print them off and scan them in to your system.
  • Tracking data is up to date in your system and your customers can see the status of their own shipments.
  • The whole system can be set to run automatically to reduce cost and improve efficiency.
  • Information is up to date as the system is real time with updates every 15 minutes.

If you wish to use our ftp upload then it will take 2-3 weeks for us to set up.

You will need to give us the following information:

  • Contact name and email address of the responsible IT person;
  • Whether you will access our server or whether you want us to ftp the information to your server;
  • If you want us to ftp the data to your server, we need to know the server address, username and password. In addition we need to know any special port numbers to access your server if required.
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