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Processes in Rugby

Process control

We have invested in a complete IT system to control the flow of goods from our international customers. We have designed the system to:

  • guarantee a standard operational process;
  • ensure that we present freight to the network so that it can be delivered without problems;
  • provide you with written confirmation of the goods we have received, when we will deliver them and the cost; and
  • report to you any shipment shortages, additional pallets or damage.

Inbound manifest
Please send an inbound manifest before your vehicle arrives, detailing the shipments you require us to deliver. If not stated on the manifest, we will contact you to check the expected time of arrival (ETA) of your vehicle. We use this ETA to schedule unloading resources in Rugby. Your inbound manifest should include:

  • your Rollkarte number (or other agreed reference for invoicing)
  • truck / trailer details
  • estimated date & time of arrival in Rugby
  • details for each shipment:
    - your shipment reference number
    - sender/consignor name and address
    - receiver/consignee name and address, phone number & email address
    - quantity and weight of goods
    - service level & options required OR required delivery date & time
    - any other information e.g., instructions or consignee PO number
  • any shipments containing dangerous goods must be marked on the manifest

Why do we need your manifest?
We will enter the details from your manifest into our system before your vehicle arrives. We will check delivery addresses using a UK postcode database to ensure they are correct. If we cannot verify the postcode, then we may contact you or the receiver to find the correct address. All addresses (and contact telephone numbers where available) are saved in the system for future use.

If you have requested Exact Book-In, we will contact the receiver before your vehicle arrives to arrange a delivery date, based on the trailer ETA and service level requested.
Please see Booking in options.

By sending your manifest in advance we can process the shipments quickly when your trailer arrives

Our system generates a warehouse check sheet that is given to our warehouse team. We use the warehouse check sheet to make sure we unload the correct shipments from the trailer.

If any items are missing, or if the driver asks us to unload items that are not on your manifest, we will contact you for instructions.

After unloading your vehicle, we will check each pallet against the warehouse check sheet to ensure it conforms to your manifest. Each pallet will be measured and dimensions recorded. Any discrepancies will be noted by the warehouse team and reported back to you. Discrepancies may include:

  • additional pallets;
  • less pallets;
  • additional shipments; and
  • damaged pallets or packaging

If the goods or packaging are damaged, we will identify the damage on the CMR and the warehouse check sheet. Once we have checked all your inbound freight we return the warehouse check sheet from the warehouse in to the office where we update your manifest with any size, weight or volume discrepancies and contact you by phone / email if we have identified major discrepancies.

We use the dimensions to calculate the pallet definition (Full, Half or Quarter) and pallet base size (Euro, Standard or Oversize).

The consolidated receipt report will always specify the latest delivery date and time for the shipment (unless you book a fixed date and/or time). Deliveries may arrive before this date and time.

Consolidated receipt report
When all the alterations to the manifest have been checked and agreed we produce an Consolidated receipt report which details:

  • all the deliveries we will make on your behalf;
  • any damages or discrepancies noted during unloading;
  • service level and any delivery options;
  • expected latest delivery date and time; and
  • cost of delivering each shipment.

For convenience, we use your reference numbers on the Inbound trailer report and for invoicing and tracking.

Please label your pallets clearly to help us to identify goods:

  • it reduces the time it takes to complete the unloading process for your vehicles; and
  • unidentified pallets may not be sent out for delivery in case they are sent to the wrong address.

CMR signature
We will sign a CMR or other paperwork, ending the responsibility of the inward carrier. Any damage or discrepancies in terms of shipment or volume will be noted on the CMR. We do not accept any claims for goods that we have received damaged and reported to you.

Please provide a single groupage CMR or delivery note to Exact Logistics for the total quantity of items on your manifest. Paperwork for individual shipments should be placed in an envelope attached to the CMR

Taking responsibility for your freight
If the goods are to be delivered by Exact Logistics, we take responsibility for your freight when our staff sign the incoming CMR. If goods are unloaded for temporary storage, responsibility remains with the sender. We do not offer warehouse insurance, so it is the responsibility of the sender to ensure goods are covered by CMR insurance.

Any signature we give for Tip and Store is for the number of items we have received and does not necessarily mean that the goods have been received in good condition. We do not accept claims for loss or damage to Tip and Store shipments.

Freight presentation
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all pallets are correctly labelled and securely wrapped or strapped to the pallet. To avoid damage, goods should not overhang the pallet base. We also advise you to crate machinery and take out additional insurance.

If we identify major damage, we will speak to you and ask you what you want us to do. We will note minor damage on the inbound trailer receipt, make good where possible, and send out for delivery.

We may reject claims if goods were not correctly packaged or protected.

Stacking procedures

Stacking opportunities may occur where we deliver shipments through the network. For example, we may be able to stack two Half pallets as one Full pallet. If stacking requests are clearly marked on the manifest, we will ensure these pallets are stacked as per your instruction, subject to the note below. As an additional service, we will look for possible stacking opportunities but cannot guarantee to spot all opportunities. Any shipments that we stack will be identified on the inbound trailer receipt.

We will not stack pallets if the combined pallet is:

  • outside the pallet definition;
  • considered unsafe for transport; or
  • may result in damage to the goods

We will not stack pallets where the sender has marked/labelled the pallets as non-stackable.

If we consider a stacking request to be incorrect or likely to result in delivery failure, we will contact you to discuss alternatives

Unloading information

The following information will be useful for your planners, drivers and subcontractors.

Arrival in our depot
On arrival at our warehouse, drivers must report to Reception and sign to confirm they have received a copy of our site rules. Drivers must obey the site rules at all times. The master copy is in English. If there is any misinterpretation of the rules, the English version is deemed to be correct. It is the driver’s responsibility to open the curtains.

Please make sure your drivers and subcontractors are aware of the arrival procedure and site rules

Normal working hours are from 08:00-18:00 Monday to Friday.
If your vehicle arrives at Rugby within these times, we will process your freight and ensure it receives the agreed transit time, based on the day of arrival. Outside of normal working hours, we can load or unload pre-advised vehicles until 22:00, but cannot guarantee shipments will be forwarded in to the network that night. Please note, if your vehicle arrives after 18:00, we will try to process and forward your freight that night but it may be delayed until the following day.

Late arrivals (after 18:00) that are not pre-advised may not be unloaded until the following working day, but are welcome to park overnight in our yard

Your vehicles may arrive in Rugby between 05:00-08:00 but we cannot guarantee unloading before 08:00. We will always try to unload earlier if capacity is available.

By special arrangement we may be able to unload on Saturday between 05:00-08:00 however shipments will not be processed until Monday.

Overnight stay
Your vehicles may stay overnight in our yard free of charge. The yard is a relatively safe compound with the gates locked every night between 22:00 and 05:00.

We experience busy periods when unloading may take longer than expected. During peak periods we will manage unloading, this will usually be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We may operate a separate queue for trailers with smaller inbound loads to keep waiting times to a minimum. We will always give priority to on time arrivals, based on your manifest or verbal estimated time of arrival.

Please keep us updated with information about your trailer arrival time

Unloading equipment
We an unloading ramp and a mixed fleet of forklift trucks, enabling us to unload curtain-sided and box trailers. We can unload multiple trailers simultaneously, but in peak periods our unloading capacity may be restricted. Our maximum lifting capacity is 2000kg.

Please keep us updated with information about your trailer arrival time

Curtain-sided vehicles can be unloaded from the side or rear, depending on the driver’s choice.

If the driver requests rear unloading:

  • they are responsible for moving all pallets to a safe position for forklift unloading; or
  • we can unload using our ramp

If the driver requests side unloading, they must pull back the curtains, undo span sets and remove tilt boards to demonstrate that the load is safe for unloading.

Upon request, we will provide a hand pallet truck for the driver to use on the vehicle

Delivery notes

We can offer you three types of delivery note as follows:

  • delivery on your paperwork;
  • delivery on Exact paperwork; or
  • delivery on network system paperwork.

We cannot use different types of delivery paperwork for different shipments so you must choose one type of delivery note.

Delivery on

Length (cm)

Length (cm)

Your paperwork

  • Can use original sender’s paperwork
  • Includes all order and reference numbers
  • Shows sender, product, quantity and batch information
  • Can be more than 1 page
  • Need to send individual paperwork for each shipment
  • Exact need to sticker and scan paperwork to associate with the shipment number
  • Can only guarantee to sign one page for complete shipment

Exact paperwork

  • Shows sender or neutral company
  • All information on one page
  • No need to send shipment paperwork
  • Can include note to show number of pallets sent & that shipment has been stacked
  • Exact need to sticker and scan paperwork to associate with the shipment number
  • Does not include order and reference numbers
  • Does not show product, quantity and batch information

Network system paperwork

  • No need to send shipment paperwork
  • Delivery paperwork printed out in delivery depot
  • No requirement for Exact to sticker or scan paperwork
  • Does not show sender
  • Does not include order and reference numbers
  • Does not show product, quantity & batch information
  • Only shows number of stacked pallets not number of pallets sent

When using your paperwork, we will label each item of delivery paperwork with a sticker, showing number of items, total weight and the unique reference number.

We will scan your delivery notes in to the network Transport Management System and copies will print off in the delivery depot. The original paperwork will travel with the goods in a documents enclosed envelope.

Hazardous shipments may be delivered on your paperwork or system paperwork. We cannot guarantee specific paperwork will be used.

Tip and store

Customers are welcome to use our Tip and store service.

This allows you to either:

  • deliver goods to our Rugby warehouse, where they will be stored on a temporary basis; or
  • transfer goods from one trailer to another.

Upon request, we will provide a hand pallet truck for the driver to use on the vehicle

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