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Shipment progressing and service performance

How we monitor shipment progress

Our objective is to monitor the delivery progress of every shipment and identify any shipment at risk of failure. We monitor delivery progress for all our delivery methods:

  • network;
  • our own vehicle; or
  • through a third-party provider.

Monitoring shipment progress:

  • We monitor network shipments using the network shipment progress system referred to as Nexus.
  • We monitor all other shipments for delivery that day through our Transport Management System (TMS).

In both systems, we search for delivery discrepancies and do not monitor any shipments that are shown as on-time. The systems show:

  • shipment number;
  • current location;
  • expected delivery time; and
  • delivery depot.

Monitoring times: The table below shows when we monitor shipments and the discrepancies we are looking for.

Monitor time

What we look for

Early morning

  • all shipments due that day, which have not been scanned in to the delivery depot;
  • all fixed time or latest time service shipments which have not been scanned on to the delivery
  • vehicle; and
  • any shipments not delivered the previous day that have not been scanned out for delivery

14:00 UK time

  • any shipment due for delivery that day which is not scanned out for delivery;
  • any fixed time or latest time shipment that does not have an ePOD;
  • any other discrepancies

16:00 UK time

  • any shipment due for delivery that day which does not have an ePOD;
  • any other discrepancies

Where we identify issues, action is agreed with the delivery partner and customers are informed. Any information discussed with the delivery partner is recorded in the shipment notes, clearly visible to all Exact employees in case of query, and for network shipments, to the delivery partner, in case further action is required.

How do we know we have delivered the shipment?

Electronic POD (ePOD). Only when the job has been completed and an electronic POD logged against it, will it disappear from the SDM or TMS screen. Either an electronic signature is captured at the delivery point by the driver, or the recipient name, date & time of delivery are recorded electronically.

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